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    SourceMantra has been the fastest growing IT solution provider along the West Coast in the recent past. Our growth is rising steeply and we are always on the lookout for people who share our vision and values, because our people are our strength, our backbone.

    We offer a wide range of areas of work to allow our employees to explore their own capacities in various fields. We also keep in mind to help them rise up the ladder in their own field of specialization by placing them with the best in the industry.
    We make all applicants go through a structured selection procedure to make sure that the most competent ones are hired. This in turn, provides everyone an environment to grow and ensure success in the long run. Besides having a competitive pay structure, we also take care of our employees’ health benefits and entertain freshers all the same by aiding them with a training program to bring them at par with their professional counterparts.

    Training and Placement Program

    Have a project to staff?

    Let us help you with getting you the team you need while you stay focused on business needs and innovation.

    Build your digital future with Source Mantra

    Our hiring teams are ready to take your talent acquisition processes to the next level with an array of flexible options that locate hard to find talent for you without getting you buried in resumes that are not necessarily the right fit.

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