Source Mantra will help find a rewarding job that keeps you relevant in the ever-changing world of technology. We understand the importance of a job and we will help you the right one that matches your skills and aspirations.

As your goals change, we will keep pace with your career needs. That is the Source Mantra promise to all our team members.

Discover your true potential

Your potential is determined by a number of things. Your job experience. Your passions and preferences. Your goals and aspirations. And your work environment.

Look to Source Mantra to find you the job that fits you best.

We offer several opportunities for career progression with an emphasis on facilitating digital transformations. Our workplace stimulates creativity and challenges you to go beyond your comfort zone. 

We will help you work out a strategy that achieves greater level of success and turn your potential into a rewarding technology career that work for you today and into the future. Start your journey today to become a part of a culture that encourages personal development.

Get your career on the fast track

Where people come first

As a people first business, we enable our team to build on their talent while helping clients succeed. Our unique culture and work environment nurture our teams and maximize the value of their innate capabilities. You can look forward to working with colleagues who will ready to help you and support you at every step of the way. As an organization, Source Mantra will make every attempt to ensure that your tenure with us is as rewarding for you as possible.

We are dedicated to creating a fulfilling work environment that supports your career journey. Finding a meaningful and rewarding career can take a long time. However we try to make that process as easy as possible for you and to create a work environment that’s inspiring and satisfying.

Explore our open positions and join us in driving digital success for our clients.

Learning never stops

At Source Mantra, keep learning throughout your career. Through on-the-job experience, interacting with clients and colleagues, and from formal training programs.

In today’s fast paced technology world, keeping up with changes and trends has become more vital than ever before. This will increase your confidence on the job and boost job satisfaction while maintaining your competitive edge. Clearly, your skills are perhaps your most valuable asset on your career journey. You can look forward to full support from Source Mantra as you pursue your learning goals including certifications and education programs.

We recognize that enhancing the skills and knowledge of our workforce is essential to achieve high productivity in the ever-changing IT industry.

Let learning never stop, that is our motto.

Horizons that expand

From AI to the cloud to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to IoT to cybersecurity and more, find the role that best matches your technology experience and expertise, check out new and emerging areas, keep broadening and deepening your experience along the way, and constantly look forward to new opportunities.

Our innovative workplace stimulates creativity and challenges for you to go beyond your comfort zone. Rest assured that you will have complete freedom to make the right decisions for clients as you take on the role of trusted adviser to them.

Start your journey today to become a part of a nurturing culture that encourages your personal development as a technology professional. You will see new horizons opening up every day with new clients, new projects, and new domains. Constantly strengthen your personal profile throughout your tenure with Source Mantra.

Join our team

You will meet other innovators, thought leaders and high performers just like you. Get to chart out your career growth and your life. People and relationships are what define Source Mantra and make us who we are. People always come first. Diversity makes us stronger. When you join us, you will get to utilize your unique strengths to reimagine the future of digital.

Unlimited potential

Build new experiences and learn and grow. Achieve success with the right mix of career options. Check out new career paths that create new futures for you and your client

Spark of innovation

Draw inspiration from your team members and work environments to create innovative workspaces that maximize efficiency and collaboration.

Complete flexibility

Define your work environment with a technology-infused model that helps you thrive wherever you are. Feel safe and comfortable, exceed your potential, and meet your aspirations

Let us build the digital future together

Join the Source Mantra team and discover new possibilities and new areas to expand your potential, boost your skills, and realize true career satisfaction that motivates you to get back to work daily.
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