Project Solutions

Get the professionals you need to push your projects over the finish line

When you have projects to be completed, look to us to temporarily increase the size of your team on a project-by-project basis. Ramp up and ramp down teams any time with flexibility without hiring fixed staff and increasing project success rates.

Scalable staffing

When growth is on the cards, and talent is key to project success, ensure a comprehensive level of support across departments with contracted talent on an as needed basis using an agile framework.

Niche skill staffing

Get the niche, project specific skills in place and meet project demands through a plug and play model while keeping the project on time and budget. Find resources with specific skills that may not be widely available.

On demand pool

Access an on demand project pool for fast track hiring. Contract the right resources on demand for their skills,. Rapidly transition from resume screening to interviews to evaluations to resource deployment.

Clients We Work With

Have a project to staff?

Let us help you with getting you the team you need while you stay focused on business needs and innovation.

Build your digital future with Source Mantra

Our hiring teams are ready to take your talent acquisition processes to the next level with an array of flexible options that locate hard to find talent for you without getting you buried in resumes that are not necessarily the right fit.

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