Managed Staffing

Accelerate impact of digital transformation

Reach your goals by leveraging our talents, expertise, and industry experience that will bring to you tailored managed staffing solutions that are extensions of your enterprise, turning the uncertainty in the ebbs and flows of your business into an opportunity.

Contingent staffing

Get the personnel you need, handling day to day fluctuations, for new projects, new skills, and time pressed demands where Source Mantra will align with your business cycles on your projects, per an agreed schedule

Contract staffing

Hire a large team of resources for mid-term or long-term projects based on predetermined contracts and rates without having them on your payroll. Optimize your recruiting timelines and shrink recruiting costs.

Hybrid staffing

Build a global team of resources working onsite, offshore, and/or nearshore and take advantage of time zone differences to realize a 24 hour performance based program, providing supplemental support to ongoing needs.

Clients We Work With

Have a project to staff?

Let us help you with getting you the team you need while you stay focused on business needs and innovation.

Build your digital future with Source Mantra

Our hiring teams are ready to take your talent acquisition processes to the next level with an array of flexible options that locate hard to find talent for you without getting you buried in resumes that are not necessarily the right fit.

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