Quality Focus

Quality is our mantra

Quality is our core mantra. Our perseverance to stick to delivering quality services has enabled us to earn the goodwill that we value so much. And we continuously try to keep up the standards that we’ve set for ourselves, and reinvent ourselves everyday. A lot of it has to do with the expert eye that we have developed over the years to get our clients the smartest scoop from the pool of fitting resources and enable them to go about their business without any roadblocks.

To achieve this, we follow our AID Model of approaching solutions for you. This model is the exclusive property of SourceMantra and is designed to assure the quality of our services in terms of the right talent vs your requirement.

Our approach to quality (AID)

We segregate our clients’ requirements into more detailed points and our onboard experts then analyze the requirements further. This is a vital step in rightly identifying their requirements.
Our solution providing experts compare our clients’ processes and environment with those of the others in the industry and break them down to more comprehensive descriptions. This helps us in understanding the particular job description better and in making sure that we we do not miss out on potential resources.
We run all the matching profiles through our magnifying glass and select the best matches for our clients’a particular job description based on the previous two steps. This helps us in bringing you the best-suited, almost tailor-made, people to our clients.

In fact, we even try that we delight them by providing talents with additional skill-sets that may come in helpful in meeting their future project requirements, still keeping to their budgets.

Clients We Work With

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